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CLiffs Card provides and offers prepaid Virtual Visa card solutions to a multitude of clients and customers around the world.

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CLiffsCard provides the customer and client with an added layer of security and anonymity when making purchases online. CLiffsCard is not limited to just online purchases. Clients and customers can use CLiffsCard to make phone orders as well. CLiffsCard can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (more than 19 million merchants).

By utilizing the services provided by CLiffsCard, those who once could not participate in the online buying market, can now do so. Some individuals do have access to a Visa Card, but still may require the services of CLiffsCard. $100 is loaded on this Virtual Visa Card. The details of this card is delivered via e-mail.

You can pay for and fund your new card with Western Union, Money Gram, Liberty Reserve and WebMoney. MoneyPak lets you enjoy the benefits of PayPal without a credit card or bank account avoid interest charges and bank fees. Now you can turn the cash in your wallet into instant spending power anywhere PayPal is accepted including eBay!

What is the CLiffsCard Virtual Visa? Your CLiffsCard is a Virtual Prepaid Visa Debit Card with a specific dollar value. Is CLiffsCard a credit card? No. The amount you can spend is limited to the total value on your CLiffsCard when it was purchased. Unlike a credit card, you do not receive any bills the amount of each purchase is simply debited from the remaining balance on your CLiffsCard.

How do I receive my CLiffsCard? Your CLiffsCard is sent to your email. You will receive a 16 digit card number, expiration date, and a 3 digit CVV code. This is why CLiffsCard is virtual, you do not receive a physical card.


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